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Sep 13 / BARD CEP

Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Grant

Title: Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Grant

Deadline: May 2012

Amount and Duration: Maximum of $15,000 for a duration of 2 years


Goal of the Graduate Student Grant program

The Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program offers grant funds so that graduate students can conduct research on topics specific to sustainable agriculture under the supervision of a faculty advisor.
Proposals for these grant funds should address issues of current or potential importance to Northeast farmers, farm support professionals such as NRCS staff and Cooperative Extension, and agricultural researchers.
Because universities typically do not allow students to manage institutional grant awards, the applicant’s faculty advisor will be named the principal investigator if a grant is awarded.

What funds can be used for

Projects should explore the sustainable themes of good stewardship, profitability, and quality of life for farmers and the farm community. We specifically seek projects that are consistent with our outcome statement, which says:
“Agriculture in the Northeast will be diversified and profitable, providing healthful products to its customers; it will be conducted by farmers who manage resources wisely, who are satisfied with their lifestyles, and have a positive influence on their communities and the environment.”
More Information:

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