About the Library

Stevenson Library, built with the generous support and encouragement of Charles P. Stevenson, Jr., is Bard’s main library. Located on the Annandale Campus, it consists of three buildings: Hoffman, built in 1893; Kellogg added in 1973; (read more about the Stevenson addition), designed by Robert Venturi , which opened in 1993.

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Our mission is to be an active partner in the intellectual work of Bard's students, faculty, and staff. We strive to develop collections, services, and partnerships that help all users become more resourceful, more independent and more original scholars. We take a campus leadership role in thoughtfully applying emerging media to the task of turning information into knowledge. Everyday we work at helping students become more skilled and productive. Everyday we see students gain confidence from working with the staff and the Library's powerful resources. It is our job - and our delight - to actively promote this kind of collaboration.

We are involved with a variety of resource sharing relationships (ConnectNY, the Center for Research Libraries, the Oberlin Group Libraries and Southeastern New York Library Resources Council) with regional and national partners designed to bring considerably expanded collections of books, journals and digital resources to the campus community.

Bard Library

Stevenson Library
1 Library Road
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