C2C Fellows Connect To Green Jobs

C2C Fellows Connect To Green Jobs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 7.6% of people in the US were unemployed in May. That’s a little over 28 million people out of work. For young people with at least a college bachelor’s degree, the rate was a little higher for men (8%) and a little lower for women (6.2%).

Young men and women – young leaders – seek opportunities to shape the current and future growth of the US economy in environmentally sustainable, socially responsible, and economically profitable ways. They ask: will green jobs play a leading role in the rapidly changing US economy? Will young leaders have the necessary skills to embrace the types of jobs they want?



C2C Fellows say “YES”. Yes, we have the skills we need to get the jobs we want. Yes, we know that the private sector has seen 39 straight months of job growth, and we’re ready to enter business – business that considers sustainability as one of its top objectives. Yes, we know that green sells, and that in the case of the global renewables market, we have reason for optimism (even in the face of slowing investment rates). And the young women of our network know that GREEN is their color; they want jobs that are both meaningful and enjoyable, and embrace opportunities to lead the green revolution.

Green Jobs Calls

During the week of May 27th, the C2C Fellows Network hosted two regional “Green Jobs” conversations exclusively open to graduates of our first-round C2C Fellows workshops. These conversations were part of C2C Exclusives, a quarterly series of timely sustainability conversations designed for Fellows to stay in touch, informed, and activated.

Fellows joined job recruiters from across the northeast and western regions of the US to hear about current open entry-level jobs related to environmental and social sustainability. Click here to listen to the call recordings.

Joining the calls were advocacy organizations like the Sierra Club, USPIRG, and Environment America; businesses like ecova; and other entities like the World Resources Institute and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. While the majority of jobs discussed were in the public sector and focused on advocacy and organizing fellowships, recruiters discussed the ability of skills gained in these intensive fellowship experiences to be transferred to any future employment sector.


Interested in learning more? Listen to the call recordings (western regional, northeastern regional) and get in touch with Jess Scott (C2C Workshop Director) if you didn’t receive the list of available jobs and contacts at each represented organization (includes jobs from other regions). Add these contacts to your networks — even if you don’t want the job, reach out to the recruiters on the calls and thank them for their time and their work, and send them your resume.



It’s all about connectional intelligence – a talent that millenials bring the workforce in new dimensions. C2C Fellows have it, and will use it to build the future they wish to live in,. The C2C Fellows Network is the power network for young people with the wisdom, ambition, talent, and grace to change the future. Join us today.

And get to work.

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