Bard MBA in Sustainability presents

Sustainable Business Fridays: The Solutions Project 

Dr. Mark Z. Jacobson,

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Stanford University
Director, Atmosphere/Energy Program
Senior Fellow, Precort Institute for Energy
Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Friday, January 30, 2015

Join the Bard MBA in Sustainability program for our twice-monthly dial-in conversation series over your lunchtime featuring sustainability leaders from the New York City area and across the planet.

On January 30th we will be speaking with Stanford Professor Mark Z Jacobson about The Solutions Project.

The main goal of Mark Z. Jacobson's research is to understand physical, chemical, and dynamical processes in the atmosphere better in order to solve atmospheric problems, such as global warming and urban air pollution, with improved scientific insight and more accurate predictive tools. He also evaluates the atmospheric and health effects of proposed energy- and transportation solutions to global warming and air pollution, maps renewable energy resources, and studies optimal methods of integrating renewable electricity into the grid.

Sustainable Business Fridays convenes every first and fourth Friday of the month during the semester, with special guests selected by students in the Bard MBA in Sustainability program.

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