Bard MBA in Sustainability presents

Sustainable Business Fridays:Gems in the Rough Building Skills for At-risk Girls in Calcutta

Urmi Basu

Founder, New Light India

Friday, February 27, 2015

Join the Bard MBA in Sustainability program for our twice-monthly dial-in conversation series over your lunchtime featuring sustainability leaders from the New York City area and across the planet.

On February 27th we will be speaking with Urmi Basu about building skills for at-risk girls in Calcutta.

Urmi Basu is a woman of few means, facing staggering need, but her mission is clear. In her work with New Light, a nonprofit organization in Kolkata, India, that works to save girls from becoming victims of sexual exploitation and to improve lives of the children of sex workers. She is dedicated to correcting wrongs, one at a time.

"On a global scale the problem of prostitution is so complex and huge that I would be completely overwhelmed if I think about it." Urmi says. "I choose to reduce the aperture of my vision and concentrate my energy only on things that I can do."

Sustainable Business Fridays convenes every first and fourth Friday of the month during the semester, with special guests selected by students in the Bard MBA in Sustainability program.

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