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Sustainable Business Fridays: Leading from Your Legacy, Your Personal and Collective Vision for World Healing

Lev Natan, The Medicine Tree

Friday, November 6, 2015

On November 6th, Bard MBA in Sustainability spoke with Lev Natan, Sacred Business Coach, The Medicine Tree about leading from your legacy.

What does it mean to have a legacy? How do we consciously create a legacy and walk it out into the world? Why is it so important to be thinking in terms of legacy at this time in our world, and how does it relate to business, leadership, and sustainability? 

Lev Natan is certified both as an Empowerment Life Coach and Integrative Sound and Music Practitioner, and works with change-makers, pioneers, innovators, natural leaders and trailblazers who are devoted to growing the emerging culture through a sustainable livelihood, and are striving to ground their visionary ideas into practical plans that embody the essence of their purpose. As a Sacred Business Coach, he works with entrepreneurs & solo practitioners on heart-centered visioning, action plans, messaging & program development; business-owners & their teams on leadership, collective vision planning, and creating an inspiring work culture; organizational & corporate professionals on infusing their work with their calling or making the transition to their life’s work full-time; and retired professionals on creating a legacy of contribution to the future.

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