Bard CEP Degree Programs

Environmental Policy Graduate Programs

The Bard Center for Environmental Policy's graduate programs combine an intensive course of study with practical training in preparation for environmental careers in nonprofit organizations, government, and the private sector. The programs emphasize methods of critical inquiry and provide the practical knowledge necessary to understand the legal, political, socioeconomic, cultural, and ethical forces that influence the decision-making process.
Master's Degree Programs
The graduate programs leading to a Master of Science degree in either environmental policy or climate science and policy offer three options. Most students follow the two-year program, which includes a four- to six-month internship and a Master’s Project.
Dual Degree Programs
Dual-degree programs combine innovative M.S. degrees with leading programs in environmental law, teaching, and business. Bard CEP also offers the 3+2 program, an accelerated path to an M.S. degree for undergraduate students.
Peace Corps Programs
Whether you have already served or are hoping to serve, consider earning your Master's Degree from Bard CEP in conjunction with your Peace Corps experience. Consider the Bard International Service option or the Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program.
3+2 Bachelor's/Master's Programs
The Center offers qualified undergraduate students a 3+2 option that allows them to receive an M.S. in environmental policy or climate science and policy and a bachelor's degree in an accelerated period of time.