Jump-Start the Dialog

Can We Solve Climate Change by 2030?

  • Invite one of our network speakers for your event.
  • Maximize Engagement with a One-Night Teach-In.
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Host a Dialog  (No Charge) at your Campus or in your Community

The Graduate Programs in Sustainability at Bard College have developed an expert national speakers network (below) composed of university faculty members and energy and climate specialists in every state in the country. Network members have each agreed to give talks on the topic of climate solutions including the coming solar/battery/EV disruptions that could see the solution to the fossil fuel side of climate change largely built out by the 2030's. The presentations, offered at no charge, can also focus on equitable access to reliable power and transportation, green jobs, environmental health, and local, state and national clean energy politics and policy.

To maximize turnout at your Dialog, we suggest hosting a One-Night Teach-in on Solving Climate by 2030 that includes our network speakers as well as faculty and students from your institution. Faculty involvement means student involvement. And every school in the country has half a dozen faculty and staff working on climate and energy: as scientists, artists, philosophers, economists, writers and sustainability practitioners. Tap into this expertise and passion. Click here for ideas on how to organize a One-Night Teach-In.

To book a speaker for your organization, please click on your state below and identify the person you would like to invite. Then contact [email protected] and we will connect you.

If you are interested in becoming a speaker in the network, please apply here