One-Night Teach-In
Solve Climate By 2030

Reach Beyond the Usual Suspects

  • Involve Faculty as Panelists
  • Reach Hundreds of Students
  • Easy to Organize
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Maximize Campus Engagement

The best way to create attendance at a dialog is to involve as many faculty from your institution as panelists. In a 3-hour event like the one below, for example, you can involve 12-16 faculty members, and they in turn can be encouraged to encourage (provide extra credit) for student attendance. Climate change by its nature engages faculty from across the disciplines: artists and philosophers, economists and chemists, psychologists and business professors. And faculty have to talk for only  five minutes on their topic, so they don't need deep expertise-- the idea is to introduce the ideas and leave lots of time for discussion! This event is fairly easy to organize, will guarantee attendance, and promote great dialog.

In the example below, we have 4 panelists on each panel, but you can of course do 3. And we suggest some alternate topics for panels at the bottom of the page. Get creative! You will be surprised by the willingness of faculty to participate in this program.


All Day: Exhibit on Your Institution's Climate Commitment and Actions

6 PM-6:55 PM SESSION 1 (Presenters 5 Minutes each, 35-40 minutes of discussion)
Panel A: Dealing with Climate Depression                        Panel B:  Climate Science: What You Need to Know
   Artists Respond to Climate / Art Professor                           Is it Too Late? /  Philosophy Professor
   Moving Beyond Avoidance / Psychology Professor             Sea Level Rise: What to Expect / Geology Professor
   Don't Mourn, Organize / Sociology Professor                      Responding to Skeptics / Physics Professor
   The Climate on Social Media / Journalism Professor          How Hot Will it Get? / Chemistry Professor

7 PM-7:55 PM SESSION 2 (Presenters 5 Minutes each, 35-40 minutes of discussion)
Panel A: Climate Solutions                                                 Panel B:  Winning the Story Wars
    Campus Climate Commitment / Sustainability Staff           The Impact of CliFi / English Professor
    Renewable Energy in STATE /  Economics Professor       Technology Leadership / Business Professor
    The Politics of Solutions / Politics Professor                      The Case for Stewardship / Religion Professor 
    What's the Green New Deal? / Policy Professor                The Sustainability Tribe / Environmental Studies Professor

8 PM-9:00 PM KEYNOTE: How to Solve Climate By 2030: Solar Dominance + Civic Action