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The C2C Fellows Network at the Bard Center for Environmental Policy is a national program for undergraduates and recent graduates aspiring to leadership positions in sustainable policy, politics and business. C2C offers intensive skills-based weekend workshops to young people from across the country. Graduates of these workshops join a national network with access to continuing educational and professional opportunities. C2C Fellows are leaders whose vision is to change the world. Our mission is to accelerate their life’s work.
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About C2C

C2C stands for Campus to Congress, to Capitol, to City Hall, and to Corporation. C2C Fellows recognize that stabilizing the climate is not the work of a year, of a presidential term, or of a decade. It is the work of a generation. C2C Fellows is designed to engage students and recent graduates who have leadership ambition, and provide them knowledge, skills, courage, and a powerful, ongoing network, to help lead a global revolution. Ready to join us? Donate today. 

Our Vision

C2C Fellows is designed to move beyond organizing young people to influence Congress. Its goal is to encourage young people to actually become Congressmen and Congresswomen--as well as green business leaders, mayors, state representatives, and heads of NGOs and media organizations. Many young people understand that business as usual is driving the planet down a rapid path to destruction. They understand that there is not much time left. And they want to put their lives and talents to work driving wide-scale change in a sustainable direction, now.

Contacting Us

Email the Network: climate@bard.edu
Email the Director: ebangood@bard.edu​
Connect on Facebook: Campus to Congress-Corporation