Bard Center for Environmental Policy and Bard MBA in Sustainability present

Worst Case Economics: Extreme Events in Climate and Finance

Book Talk by Dr. Frank Ackerman

Friday, November 17, 2017

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Please join economist and author Dr. Frank Ackerman as he talks about his new book Worst Case Economics: Extreme Events in Climate and Finance (Anthem Press). 

“Ackerman’s Worst-Case Economics will convince you that the conventional economic modeling of risk is inadequate when financial crashes, environmental collapse and other cataclysmic outcomes are possible and that policies based on prudence regarding the worst-case scenario are needed. An important book and a delight to read.” —Samuel Bowles, Research Professor and Director, Behavioral Science Program, Santa Fe Institute, New Mexico, USA

Ackerman is Principal Economist at Synapse Energy and a lecturer at MIT. Other recent books include Can We Afford the Future? Economics for a Warming World (Zed Books, 2009), Poisoned for Pennies: The Economics of Toxics and Precaution (Island Press, 2008),[3] and Priceless: On Knowing the Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing (The New Press, 2004, with Lisa Heinzerling)

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Time: 9:00 am – 10:30 am

Location: LMHQ | 150 Broadway, 20th floor New York, NY 10038