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Renewable Energy and Land Conservation in the Hudson Valley: A Conversation with Scenic Hudson’s Rocci Aguirre

The Hudson Valley—home to the Bard Center for Environmental Policy, some of New York State’s most beautiful views, and your dear author—is a changing region in 2021. The Valley is seeing an influx of new residents from New York City and other urban centers around the Northeastern U.S. People are …

We’ve Got the Receipts: Realizing the Sustainability Goals of a Small Hudson Valley Town in 2020

I’m interning with the Town and Village of Rhinebeck and analyzing their environmental policies—at a critical time in an uncertain COVID-19 world.

Feral Cats, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cull

    “But why can’t he be an outdoor cat? Maine coons are meant to be out in nature,” my brother said, eyeing Elijah, our then-new cat who has since grown to a size double that of a normal house cat. “Because,” I said, incredulously, “just look at him! If …