Upcoming UTC C2C Event!

Upcoming UTC C2C Event!

Hey guys, I’m here to tell you about a really great program that is coming up in just under two weeks from October 26th-29th. The C2C Fellows program will be coming to the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga to teach undergraduates, recent graduates, and graduate students how to become the sustainable leaders our country needs. The program is lead by Dr. Eban Goodstein, an economist, scholar, Director of the Bard College Center for Environmental Policy, and the Dean of the Bard College MBA in Sustainability program. Whit Jones, of the Energy Action Coalition, will accompany Dr. Goodstein to speak about creating change as a young person. Jones works on supporting youth-based grassroots organizations. Along with Goodstein and Jones, two local, young, green entrepreneurs will also be at the program to talk about the work they have as sustainability leaders and businessmen and women. If you would like to find out more information, click here. And, to apply for the UTC C2C Fellows Program, go here. Applications are due by October 20th.

I would attend this event in a heartbeat. The program allows you to meet people from not only your area, but from around the country. Once you graduate from the program you become part of a national network that connects all C2C fellows together. At the event you get to meet environmental leaders like Dr. Eban Goodstein and Whit Jones, and you also gain access to lifelong career advice given to you by Dr. Goodstein. From working in small groups with other C2C Fellows, to hearing sustainability leaders speak, to watching “The Island President”, to learning various leadership skills, the C2C Fellows program equips students with the tools they need to be successful in the sustainability world. Furthermore, anyone who goes to a C2C Fellows event and then applies to the Bard College Center of Environmental Policy can apply for a C2C Fellows scholarship, as well as additional scholarships of $1,000 for follow-on training. If this program were open to me I wouldn’t hesitate to become a part of this amazing community.

“Get out there and join [these] young people in voting, standing up to dirty money, and pushing through for a clean energy economy – if we don’t, no one else will.” – Whit Jones


Serafina Zeringo

C2C Program Assistant

Bard CEP ’14

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