Sustainability Leadership in Portland, OR

Sustainability Leadership in Portland, OR

Welcome to Portland Source:

“Step Up Your Green Game”

Portland, Oregon is known for being green and promoting sustainability. People ride their bikes everywhere, hike on weekends, and eat locally grown foods. The city’s regional government supports an environmentally sustainable lifestyle through promoting:

Step Up Your Green Game is a program unique to Oregon. Inspired by Betty Shelley, who managed to produce only one can of garbage a year, Step Up Your Green Game tells you to say no to junk mail, talks about sustainable holidays, shares environmentally friendly back to school shopping tips, and suggests other methods to reduce household waste.

These are all original and empowering policies to get everyday people to completely change their behavior. They create a sustainable, environmentally friendly state, praised for its work to help the environment.

Example of a Green Street Source:

Even Oregon’s most populous city Portland has instituted innovative policy programs to help the environment. Green streets use storm water runoff to recharge groundwater supplies and water plants. These street-side planters and swales allow storm water runoff to soak into the ground, as soil and vegetation filters pollutants.

Portland Leadership Training

With Portland busy implementing sustainability programs, the C2C Fellows program is coming to Lewis & Clark College to run a weekend-long leadership workshop. Undergraduate, graduate, and recent graduates are invited to attend to practice and develop their skills in public speaking, fundraising, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

The C2C Fellows workshop runs April 12th-14th. Attendees will learn from local environmental leaders and Dr. Eban Goodstein, Director of Bard College’s Center for Environmental Policy and MBA in Sustainability program. The weekend will include:

  • Public speaking
  • Small group exercises
  • Speeches by environmental leaders
  • Fundraising activities
  • Discussion of international climate change issues.

Apply now! Questions? Email Jess Scott or the C2C Fellows Program!

Dr. Eban Goodstein with C2C Fellows Ann Arbor, March 2013

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