Jennifer Moon  Film/Video

Jennifer Moon  Film/Video
(they/she; b. 1973, Lafayette, Indiana; lives and works in Los Angeles) is a polydisciplinamorous[1]life-artist whose work investigates the co-production of ethico-onto-epistem-ologies[2]via organizing systems (social systems, institutional structures, power relations, scientific theories, emotional frameworks, etc.) and how these various systems are entangled, co-constituted, performed, and perpetuated through bodies (human, nonhuman, material, immaterial). Drawing from queer life, science, self-help, popular culture, the extremely personal, and fantasy, Moon’s work mobilizes possibilities to reconfigure our relationship to power, to reignite the social and political imaginaries, and to stimulate change beyond binaries, hierarchies, and capital.

[1] “The neologism polydisciplinamory takes interdisciplinarity's transgressive charge (to always be pushing at, and defamiliarizing, the limits of disciplinary boundaries) and brings it together with the insights of theoretical polyamory” (p. 60). Natalie Loveless, “Polydisciplinamory,” How to Make Art at the End of the World: A Manifesto for Research-Creation, Duke University Press, 2019.

[2] Ethico-onto-epistem-ology is a quantum entanglement concept by queer feminist theorist and physicist Karen Barad that insists on the inseparability and simultaneous co-production of the nature of being (ontology), knowing (epistemology), and doing (ethics). Karen Bard, Meeting the Universe Halfway: Quantum Physics and the Entanglement of Matter and Meaning, Duke University Press, 2007.

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