Giving to Bard MFA

Giving to Bard MFA

Student Scholarship Fund
Bard MFA is the most ambitious, student driven, low residency masters program in the country. The amount of feedback we offer students in studio visits and critiques, the number of special presentations given by visiting artists, the quality of the thesis exhibition and its audience, as well as the rigor of the academic discourse in the caucus and seminar, rival the most competitive conventional two year masters programs, and at a considerable discount of the cost. While a masters degree from Bard MFA is highly desirable its expense is out of the reach of many of our applicants.  To address this financial need, we have established a scholarship fund to ensure that we build and expand diversity in our student body, especially from historically underrepresented communities.
To contribute to our Student Scholarship Fund, please follow this link.

Faculty Fund
In addition, we are also establishing a new fund for core faculty salaries. Our core faculty, which is known as the Graduate Committee, maintain consistency and quality in each of the six disciplines. Through the core faculty fund we are seeking to increase diversity among the group of artists in these leadership roles. Expanding our core faculty will enrich the curriculum and pedagogy with a more diverse set of aesthetics and backgrounds.
To contribute to our Faculty Fund, please follow this link.

By contributing to these funds, you will help Bard MFA meet its pressing need to broaden and deepen the range of artistic perspectives in the program.

Thank you for your support of Bard MFA.

Hannah Barrett, Executive Director

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