Graduate Committee

Graduate Committee

Ben Coonley and Julianne Swartz, Interim Co-Directors of Graduate Studies and Chairs of the Graduate Committee

Yazan Khalili, Photography Co-chair
Milagros de la Torre, Photography Co-chair

Hoa Nguyen, Writing Co-chair
Christopher Rey Pérez, Writing Co-chair

Sam Vernon, Painting Co-chair
Ronny Quevedo, Painting Co-chair

Halsey Rodman, Sculpture Co-chair
Taylor Davis, Sculpture Co-chair, MFA '98

Matana Roberts, Music/Sound Co-chair
Bill Dietz, Music/Sound Co-chair

Ephraim Asili, Film/Video Co-chair
Michael Bell-Smith, Film/Video Co-chair

Hannah Barrett, Executive Director, ex officio
Christian Crouch, Dean of Graduate Studies, ex officio