Thesis Exhibition

The Master’s Project culminates during the student’s last summer in residence with a presentation for the greater community is an integral part of it. Students may either present their work as part of the annual Thesis Exhibition, or they may perform or screen pieces in a separate evening presentation. The exhibition takes place in our off-campus gallery in nearby Red Hook, while presentations occur in various on-campus facilities. 

MFA 2019 Candidates

Qais Assali (Photography), Charlotte Bonjour (Photography), Nadia Botello (Music/Sound), Anne Cousineau (Painting), Violet Dennison (Sculpture), Onur Gokmen (Sculpture), Colt Hausman (Painting), Ranee Henderson (Painting), Madeline Hollander (Film/Video), Rin Johnson (Sculpture), Robert Keil (Sculpture), Richard Kennedy (Music/Sound), Lu Yim (Sculpture), Stefan Maier (Music/Sound), Ragnhild May (Music/Sound), Sarah Reiter (Writing), John-Elio Reitman (Sculpture), Alan Segal (Film/Video), Wei Leng Tay (Photography), Jon Wang (Film/Video), Matt Waples (Photography), Austin White (Painting), Tyler Wilcox (Music/Sound), Alisha Wormsley (Film/Video), Marina Xenofontos (Sculpture)

Thesis Exhibition Coordinator
Line Ebert, Curatorial Studies (Städelschule / Goethe University)

Congratulations MFA graduating class of 2019


The MFA graduating class of 2020 will have their Thesis Exhibition on July 20, 2019.

+ Directions to the UBS-Bard Exhibition Center