Thesis Exhibition

The Master’s Project culminates during the student’s last summer in residence with a presentation for the greater community. Students may either present their work as part of the annual Thesis Exhibition, or they may perform or screen pieces in a separate evening presentation. The exhibition takes place in our off-campus gallery in nearby Red Hook, while presentations occur in various on-campus facilities. 

MFA 2020 Candidates

Luis Arnias (Film/Video), Johnny Bicos (Painting), Lauren Burrow (Sculpture), Gwenan Davies (Painting), Omari Douglin (Sculpture), Caroline Frandiño Salcedo (Painting), Carolyn Ferrucci (Writing), Christiane Huber (Music/Sound), Marco Gomez (Music/Sound), Colleen Hargarden (Film/Video), Evie Horton (Painting), Rachel James (Writing), Jamie Krasner (Music/Sound), Nawa Lanzilotti (Music/Sound), Daniela Leder (Painting), Isabel Mallet (Sculpture), Carla Mayer (Writing), Lee Nachum (Film/Video), Brandon Ndife (Sculpture),  Diane Nguyen (Photography), Miko Revereza (Film/Video), Alicia Salvadeo (Writing), Robert Sandler (Painting), Josephine Shokrian (Photography), Jaxyn Randall (Music/Sound), Estelle Srivjittakar (Photography), Jordan Strafer (Film/Video), Daniel Sullivan (Sculpture), Christopher van Ginhoven Rey (Photography), Jessica Wilson (Photography), Alex Zandi (Film/Video)

Thesis Exhibition Coordinator
Marisa Espe, CCS Center for Curatorial Studies 

MFA Class of 2020 Thesis Exhibition: Say Ever Moves

The MFA graduating class of 2020 will have their Thesis Exhibition on July 20, 2019, 1:00 pm- 4:00 pm.

Shuttle Service for ARRIVALS to Rhinecliff Amtrak Station
12:00 pm from Rhinecliff Station to UBS Exhibition Center (meets 11:58 train)
1:00 pm from Rhinecliff Station to UBS Exhibition Center (meets 1:00 train)
3:00 pm from Rhinecliff Station to UBS Exhibition Center (meets 3:00 train)

Shuttle Service for DEPARTURES from Rhinecliff Amtrak Station
2:20 pm UBS Exhibition Center to Rhinecliff Station (meets 2:54 train)
4:20 pm UBSExhibition Center to Rhinecliff Station (meets 4:52 train)

+ Directions to the UBS-Bard Exhibition Center