Thesis Exhibition

The Master’s Project culminates during the student’s last summer in residence with a presentation for the greater community. Students may either present their work as part of the annual Thesis Exhibition, or they may perform or screen pieces in a separate evening presentation. The exhibition takes place in our off-campus gallery in nearby Red Hook, while presentations occur in various on-campus facilities. 

Class of 2024 Thesis Exhibition: Stage Presence


View Exhibition Announcement and Documentation Here *

The Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard College (Bard MFA) presents the Class of 2024 Thesis Presentation, Stage Presence. Bringing together works by candidates in the disciplines film/video, music/sound, painting, photography, sculpture, and writing, the exhibition was on view from July 15 through July 23 at the Bard College Exhibition Center/UBS Gallery in Red Hook, New York.

Thesis Exhibition Coordinator: Marina Caron (MA '23, CCS Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College) is a curator, writer, and researcher based in New York. She is a recent graduate of Curatorial Studies at the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College. 

MFA Candidates 2024

Kaur Alia Ahmed writing
June Canedo de Souza photography
Francesse Dolbrice sculpture
Camonghne Felix writing
Christina Graham painting
Tallulah Haddon film/video
Lara Hidalgo writing
Sam Lasko sculpture
Khan Lee sculpture
Lotte Leerschool painting
Eli Neuman-Hammond music/sound
Mira Putnam sculpture
Anna Roberts-Gevalt sculpture
Natalia Rolón Sotelo painting
Francie Seidl Chodosh photography
Sydney Spann music/sound
Allie Taylor photography
Lauren Tosswill music/sound
Nora Treatbaby writing
Marty Two Bulls sculpture
Sam Wenc music/sounds
Alexa West sculpture
Drew Zeiba writing