Tuition and Fees

Tuition 2024

Summer 2024 $19,950
Winter 2024 Independent Study $6,070

Fees 2024

Non-Refundable Application Fee (paid to apply to Bard MFA) $65
Registration Fee (charged per summer session) $100
Studio Fee (charged per summer session) $275
Refundable Damage Deposit (paid once) $225
Graduation Fee (charged at registration for the final summer in residence) $120
Health & Counseling Fee (charged per summer session)
Students are assessed the Health and Counseling fee, which provides access to the health and counseling center located on campus. This is a required fee that cannot be waived.
2024 On-Campus Housing (Individual room for eight weeks)
Please note: Bard College does not offer family on-campus housing.
Students who wish to bring a partner or a family must reside off campus.


2024 Student Health Insurance (Health insurance for June-July, charged per summer session)
Bard College Health Insurance may be waived if a student can provide proof of independent health insurance. 
Maintenance-of-Status Fee (charged per year, if applicable)
Charged to students who take an official leave of absence from the program or take over three years to complete their work.


Schedule of Payment

A nonrefundable enrollment deposit of $515 is due from incoming students by the deadline given with the admission offer. Students intending to pay the 2024 summer session tuition and fees through Federal Direct Loans must have a properly completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file by February 1, 2024. Billing statements will reflect only charges and financial aid awards that have been approved.

Students will be billed in two 50% payments for the 2024 Summer Session in April and May 2024. Students are billed in December for that year's independent study session.

Please note that 2024 fees are forthcoming; please note that fees are subject to annual increase.


No refund of any fees will be made in the event that a student withdraws from the program at any time after registration, except as specified herein. In no event is the enrollment deposit refundable. In all cases, the student must submit an official request for withdrawal to the Program Directors. The date of submission of such a request will determine the amount of refund. Students who officially withdraw before the first day of classes for the term in question will be given a full refund of all charges, less the nonrefundable enrollment deposit. If official withdrawal from the program occurs within the first five class-days of the program, 75 percent of tuition will be refunded; all other fees, including registration, housing, and studio fees, are nonrefundable. No refunds for withdrawals will be issued after the first week of the summer session. No refund is made in cases of suspension or expulsion.