Mira Putnam, 2024


Mira Putnam, "god's hazelnut is a black hole", 2023. Aluminum cans, resin, dowels, fiberglass, grout, marbles, stoneware [glazed and un], hot glue, refrigerator parts, Styrofoam, acrylic paint, paper, map pins, metal brackets, zip ties, sticks, twine, poster board, sugar globe, potting soil, simulated Mars regolith, potato, pipe bracket, plastic fruit container, shells from Sasha and Jack, Eli's drawing, orange, photos, tape, 2 rocks, notebook covers, cyanotype, handmade paper, Japanese water chestnut, plastic cup, paper cup, sand, avocado pit, avocado skins, eggshells, bottle caps, found metal, plaster wrap, copper foil, 50/50 tin/lead solder, seeds, advent calendars, found glass, pit fired stoneware, found rock/metal lump, leaf, window screen, beads, cardboard, pen, pencil. Photo: Chris Kendall.