Jonathan Jeremy Vandyke, 2005

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Leaking House

LEAKING HOUSE was installed in a 14' x 14' x 14' room built within the Bard UBS exhibition space. A cardboard-and-wood duct ran the length of this room, pierced the room's exterior wall, and rained paint constantly. The paint passed by a window cut into the room � so that approaching viewers peered inside the piece through paint rain � and onto a small tower of cast plaster cups and buckets. In the room's interior, I built a multi-leveled platform of triangular shapes that rose from the floor, providing a seating-and-viewing area. A monolithic oak form rose from this platform, its base a back-lit hearth that oozed a waterfall of liquid paint down a triangular stairway, puddling onto the floor. JONATHAN VanDYKE 2004