Prescreening Repertoire Requirements

All collaborative works must have piano accompaniment. For prescreening recordings audio or video may be submitted.

Please note that these are the prescreening requirements for applicants of either the undergraduate double-degree program or the Advanced Professional Studies program.

For Piano

  • A work by J. S. Bach
  • A movement of a classical sonata
  • A movement or work from the romantic era

For Violin

  • A movement from an unaccompanied Bach partita or sonata
  • A movement of a standard concerto
  • A work of your choice

For Viola

  • A movement from an unaccompanied Bach suite (originally for cello) or partita or sonata (originally for violin)
  • A sonata or concerto movement 
  • A work of your choice

For Cello

  • A movement from an unaccompanied Bach suite
  • A movement of a concerto
  • A work of your choice

For Bass

  • An étude
  • Two contrasting sonata movements
  • A work of your choice

For Harp

Two pieces of the following level of difficulty:
  • Bach/Grandjany études
  • Marcel Tournier: Feerie
  • Nina Rota: Sarabande and Toccata
  • Handel: Concerto in B-Flat Major

For Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon

  • An étude
  • A concerto movement
  • A work of your choice

For Horn

  • An étude
  • A concerto movement
  • Two of the following excerpts:
    • Wagner: Short Call from Siegfried's Rheinfahrt
    • Ravel: Pavane pour une infante défunte
    • Shostakovich: Low tutti from Symphony No. 5 (1st movement)
    • Brahms: Symphony No. 3 (3rd movement)
    • Strauss: Ein Heldenleben (opening)

For trumpet, trombone, or tuba

  • An étude
  • A concerto or sonata movement
  • A work of your choice

For Percussion

  • Marimba: Mallet solo (5-12 minutes)
  • Timpani: An étude of choice. The following are recommended: Elliott Carter Eight Pieces for Solo Timpani, Richard Hochrainer Etuden Für Timpani, Jacques Delecluse Vingt Etudes
  • Snare Drum: An étude of choice. The following are recommended: Cirone Portraits in Rhythm, Delecluse Douze Etudes, Smith Publications' The Noble Snare Collection
  • Something Else (optional): Send us something else that makes you a unique musician. Possibilities could include orchestra excerpts, steel drum playing, multiple percussion solo, drumset, even another instrument

For Composition

  • A portfolio of scores that best represent the applicant's creative potential 
  • Recordings of the works submitted (preferably not in MIDI format)
  • A recording of the applicant playing an instrument or singing
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