Graduate Vocal Arts Program

Vocal Arts Program Curriculum

Vocal Arts Program Curriculum

The curriculum of the Vocal Arts Program is divided into three main components:  core seminar, private instruction, and workshops. 

The course work is designed to support students as they identify strengths, understand more clearly what they need to say, and what they can bring to a musical life that no one else can. Through these different components, students participate in weekly voice lessons, diction and repertory courses, training in acting, and opportunities to work with music of all kinds--established repertory, operatic works, scores with ink still wet on the page, popular song, and folk song. 

Core Seminar

The program’s innovative curriculum centers on the Core Seminar, which focuses on topics that address different aspects of the singing life: poetry and text, diverse musical influences, and opera.

Core Seminar I
Dickinson, Goethe, and Verlaine
Core Seminar II

First Songs
Core Seminar III

Creating Unique Performance Opportunities
Core Seminar IV

The Singer and the Stage              

Private Instruction

Course work also includes concentrated weekly private instruction:

Voice lessons
All students in the program receive private voice instruction each week in New York City.

Vocal coaching
Every student in the program receives weekly individual sessions with various VAP faculty.

Alexander Technique tutorials
All students receive weekly private Alexander Technique tutorials.


Additional course work includes the following classes:

Acting Explorations
Diction and Phonetics
Language Translation for Singers
Movement Improvisation
Opera Workshop
Professional Development
Recital Class
Singers Forum
Vocal Chamber Music
Vocal Ensemble Workshop         

Performance Opportunities

The Vocal Arts Program offers students a breadth of performing experience through staged opera productions, opportunities to work with composers and chamber musicians, and ample concert and recital experiences.  For more information regarding performance opportunities at Bard, click here.  

Summary of Requirements