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Bard College
Audio-Visual Services

Location: Olin Humanities Room 105
Phone: 845-758-7819

Audio-Visual Department

A-V Request Form

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Note: All A/V requests require a minimum 3-weekday prior notice.

Date of Event / /
Event Location
Other Location
Start Time
End Time

Request Description:

Equipment Needed Request

TV (Olin only)
VCR (Olin only)
Multi format VCR (NTSC/PAL/SECAM)
DVD deck
Slide Projectors
Overhead Projectors
16 mm Projector
Video Projector
Computer Data Projectors
Opaque Projector
Cassette / CD
Cassette Recorder (portable)
PA / Mic (portable)
Screens (portable)
Camcorder & Tripod
VGA-to-NTSC converter
Four Multimedia carts (Olin only)

Service Needed Request

Video Recording
Audio Recording

Requester Contact Information


Requester understands and agrees that they are liable for the cost to replace or repair damaged, stolen, or lost equipment signed out by the requester until it is returned to the A/V Office. Damage beyond normal wear and tear will be determined by the A/V Office. Fines will be imposed on late returns.