Additional Opportunities to Study

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Bard offers a number of opportunities for learning outside the formal curriculum
and course structure. Students planning professional careers can major in a liberal arts field and at the same time arrange their program to meet the requirements for admission to graduate or professional school. In some professional areas, students may choose a program in which they combine liberal arts study at Bard with professional graduate work at another institution. Pathways for independent work include special study and internship programs, study at another academic institution in the United States or abroad, and individual and group study projects.

Bard’s innovative approach to education has led to a number of affiliated programs and institutions that address the needs of younger students, disadvantaged students, and members of the Hudson Valley community. These programs range from alternative public high schools in New York City to lectures on campus for adults of retirement age. The main Bard campus is also home to several centers of scholarship that sponsor lectures, conferences, and other events, and offer internship and volunteer opportunities to undergraduates.