Undergraduate Programs and Concentrations

Academic Programs

Academic Programs

Undergraduate students can earn a bachelor of arts degree in one of approximately 35 stand-alone programs in the following academic divisions: The Arts; Languages and Literature; Science, Mathematics, and Computing; Social Studies; and Interdivisional Programs and Concentrations. They may moderate into a concentration, or cluster of related courses, in conjunction with moderation into a program. 
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Divisional Programs

The requirements for moderation and graduation differ between programs and are summarized in each program description in the College catalogue or on the program's webpage. Students studying in an interdivisional program generally moderate into both the divisional program, which serves as the home discipline for their concentration, and into the interdivisional program. A student who decides to pursue a double major must satisfy the requirements of both programs.

Division of the Arts
Division of Languages and Literature
Division of Science, Mathematics, and Computing
Division of Social Studies

Interdivisional Programs and Concentrations

Interdivisional Programs and Concentrations is home to 24 interdisciplinary fields: 11 are offered as majors, 13 as concentrations (minors). A major in literature might pair it with a concentration in Victorian studies, or political studies with a concentration in Middle Eastern studies, or human rights with a concentration in Latin American and Iberian studies. The variety of possible combinations illustrates the richness of study at Bard.

Interdivisional Programs
Interdivisional Concentrations

Specialized Degree Programs

In addition to the bachelor of arts degree, Bard College offers two five-year, dual-degree undergraduate programs:
Preprofessional undergraduate and joint-degree options (for example, prelaw and engineering) are also available. For more information, see the “Additional Study Opportunities and Affiliated Institutes” chapter in the College catalogue. Bard and its affiliates also offer several graduate degrees.