Bard College Student Handbook

Counseling Service

Robbins Annex, phone: 7433



Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Thursday 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Bard College is committed to the success of all students, including those with mental health conditions and psychological disabilities. To this end, counseling services and mental health treatment are available to any student affected by mental health disorders such as, but not limited to, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other mood and personality disorders. The Counseling Service is staffed by clinical social workers, psychologists, a consulting psychiatrist and a consulting nutritionist. When school is in session, emergency services are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week (see Emergency Response Team).

Counseling services are provided free of charge to all students on a voluntary basis.  Students may be referred by the Dean of Student Affairs Office to the Counseling Service in cases where they exhibit academic, behavioral, or other difficulties that appear to be due to psychological or mental health conditions, and in cases where the student has made a suicidal gesture or is known to have contemplated suicide.  If a student who has been so referred does not seek or receive services through the Counseling Service, the Counseling Service or the Dean of Student Affairs Office will make individualized efforts to encourage the student to access services.

Counseling services are confidential, and information about students receiving counseling will not be shared with faculty, staff, administrators, or others without the student's consent.  When appropriate, students may be encouraged to consent to share information with their families or members of the college community.  As permitted by law, the Counseling Service may disclose information about a student to the extent needed to protect the student or others from a serious and imminent threat to safety. Such disclosures will occur only when the student will not consent to interventions that will ameliorate the risk.

Students with diagnosed psychological illnesses may be protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and be entitled to reasonable accommodations or modifications to help them meet academic standards and maintain normal social relationships at the college.  See Services for Students with Disabilities in this handbook for more information.

Students with psychological illnesses who need to interrupt their studies at the College for medical reasons are entitled to take a personal leave of absence for up to one year. In exceptional cases in which a student's psychological illness impairs the student's ability to remain safely at the College and meet the College's academic standards, the student may be placed on a medical leave of absence. See Non-academic Leaves of Absence for more information.

Please Note: The Counseling Service primarily offers short-term counseling. If long term treatment is necessary, it is best to seek therapy with a private therapist in the area. Incoming students who are currently taking medications for an emotional condition, mood stabilization, or attention deficit disorder should make arrangements to have the medication monitored by the prescribing physician at home, or should transfer their care to an off-campus physician in the Bard College area. The Counseling Service can provide a list of psychiatrists and/or psychotherapists in the area (also available on website). A student who is seeing an off-campus therapist or psychiatrist is responsible for all arrangements, including appointments, transportation, and fees. The College health insurance policy provides limited coverage for psychotherapy with a private, off-campus clinician.