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Italian Studies Program presents

Time and Space Died Yesterday!

An Introduction to the Feverish Sleeplessness of Italian Futurist Art, Literature, Life, 1909-1944

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Did the Futurists get the future right?

In 1909, the Futurists declared, "Time and Space died yesterday. We are already living in the absolute, since we have already created eternal, omnipresent speed."   More than a 100 years later, is it true, as Valentine de Saint-Point wrote about the Futurist woman, "Women are Furies, Amazons, Semiramis, Joans of Arc, Cleopatras, and Messalinas: combative women who fight more ferociously than males"?   Were they right we they demanded, "Let's abolish pasta!"

On the occasion of the impressive exhibition "Italian Futurism, 1909–1944: Reconstructing the Universe" at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, Judith Meighan will present an illustrated introduction to startling ideas, art, music, writings, fashion, and cuisine promoted by the always provocative Italian Futurists.

Professor Judith Meighan teaches art history of the last 200 years at Syracuse

University and has spent way too much time, and found some sleeplessness, researching and studying the Italian Futurist movement.

For more information, call 845-758-7900, e-mail acafaro@bard.edu,
or visit http://italian.bard.edu/.

Time: 5:30 pm

Location: Preston Theater