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Hudson Valley Balinese Gamelan Orchestras Present an Evening of Gamelan Music

Eleanor Davis
ANNANDALE-ON-HUDSON, N.Y.— Hudson Valley Balinese Gamelan Orchestras will host their annual winter concert on Friday, December 6, at Bard College's Olin Hall. The program, featuring Balinese music and dance begins at 8 p.m. under the leadership of artistic director and Balinese master musician, I Nyoman Suadin. Guest artists include Balinese aficionado and scholar, Dr. Pete Steele and Balinese dancer, Shoko Yamamuro, with a special opening performance by Dr. Dorcinda Knauth and her Javanese Degung and  Kacapi Suling ensembles, Gamelan Sekar Mawar and Sekar Ligar, from Kingston, New York.

A gamelan is often described as one instrument played by many people. Compositions for Gamelan are built around rhythmic structures with layered melodic themes, and trademark interlocking sections. Two basic groups of instruments comprise a gamelan gong kebyar ensemble: metallophones consisting of bronze or metal keys, resting on a wooden base, or suspended above resonators, struck with various wooden mallets; and gongs which either hang or rest in rows on a frame suspended by stretched cords. The biggest gongs are struck with padded mallets; the middle range with hammer-like mallets made of wood. Non-percussive instruments in the gamelan include sulings or flutes.

Hudson Valley Balinese Gamelan Orchestras are two distinct ensembles at Bard College: Gamelan Chandra Kanchana, or Golden Moon, is comprised of Bard students, faculty and Giri Mekar assistant instructors; and Gamelan Giri Mekar, or Mountain Flower membership is open to the general public, Bard community and staff members, and advanced Bard College gamelan students.

Seating is general admission with a suggested donation of $10; free for the Bard students, staff and faculty and children under the age of 16. Reservations are not necessary but it is advised that you arrive in plenty of time to secure your seat. The concert is sponsored by the Music Program, the Asian Studies and Religion Departments at Bard College; the Woodstock Chimes Fund, and Ulster Publishing.

For information call 845 -758-7250 or 845-688-7090.

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December 2, 2013

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