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Bard College Receives Grant from Burpee Foundation to Support Renovations of Montgomery Place Greenhouse

Mark Primoff
 Image Credit: Photo: Jaime Martorano
ANNANDALE-ON-HUDSON, N.Y.—Bard College has been awarded a generous $100,000 grant from the Burpee Foundation to support the repairs and renovation of the greenhouse at Bard College: The Montgomery Place Campus. The greenhouse improvements will allow the building to meet all safety codes, ensure energy efficiency, and include necessary restoration work.

The greenhouse currently houses the mature plant collections that seasonally reside in and around the mansion and grounds of Montgomery Place. Herbs, ferns, tropical plants, succulents, container plants, small shrubs, and water plants are wintered over in this warmed space. Additionally, the Bard College Farm uses the space to start vegetable and flower seeds for the farm and Bard Prison Initiative. With renovations, the greenhouse will be able to house a more diverse collection of mature plants that can be used for propagation and experiments. With upgrades to the electrical system, restoration of the original hot water system, repairs to the roof and glass panes, installation of phone, fiber optics, and Wi-Fi, as well as repairs that ensure all safety and accessibility codes are met, the use of the greenhouse can grow significantly. The combined greenhouse and grounds at Montgomery Place will be able to serve as a unique outdoor and living classroom and can create opportunities for multiple programs at Bard and the community.

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This event was last updated on 07-11-2016