Division of Science, Mathematics, and Computing


The Mathematics Program has three main functions: to provide students in the program with the opportunity to study the primary areas of contemporary mathematics, to provide physical and social science majors with the necessary mathematical tools for work in their disciplines, and to introduce all students to serious and interesting mathematical ideas and their applications.

The program requirements are flexible enough to allow a student to prepare for graduate study in mathematics, professional schools (such as medical or law), or employment in the public or private sector. Students in the program are expected to follow the standard divisional procedure for Moderation and to fulfill the college-wide distribution and First-Year Seminar requirements.

By the time of Moderation a student in the program should have taken (or be taking) these courses or their equivalents: Mathematics 141, Calculus I; Mathematics 142, Calculus II; Mathematics 213, Linear Algebra with Ordinary Differential Equations; and Mathematics 261, Proofs and Fundamentals. By graduation, a student must have completed: Mathematics 241, Vector Calculus; Mathematics 332, Abstract Algebra; Mathematics 361, Real Analysis; at least two other math courses numbered 300 or above; a computer science course, preferably before beginning the Senior Project; and the Senior Project.

Recent Senior Projects in Mathematics

  • “Equipartitions Using Finite Fourier Analysis”
  • “Exploring Tournament Graphs and Their Win Sequences”
  • “Maximal Quantum Effects outside a Spinning Black Hole: An Exploration of the Kerr Metric”
  • “Quantifying the Effect of the Shift in Major League Baseball”

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Program Director: John Cullinan
Phone: 845-758-7104
E-mail: cullinan@bard.edu