The Bard Center

Photo by Pete Mauney
Photo by Pete Mauney '93, MFA '00
Since 1978 The Bard Center has developed pacesetting educational and scholarly programs with a recognized influence nationwide. The Center promotes the study of the liberal arts and sciences as they relate to issues of public planning and decision making in and beyond the Hudson River Valley. These programs enrich the intellectual, cultural, and social experience of Bard undergraduates and establish a network of academic and professional centers beyond the campus.

What We Do

The Bard Center sponsors lectures, seminars, conferences, and concerts on campus, bringing students into contact with prominent researchers, artists, musicians, scientists, and other leaders in fields that many undergraduates aspire to enter. An equally influential aspect of its activities is the shared learning experience of College and community members. Center projects in which students have participated have had an impact on such diverse and far-reaching pursuits as new directions in music and the arts, the development of health care in cities, solutions to functional illiteracy, and groundbreaking ecological research. Because the Center’s focus is intellectual in the broadest sense, rather than narrowly academic, it encourages students from their first year onward to share the mantle of social responsibility and leadership.

Bard Center Fellows

Bard Center fellows, who serve active terms of varying lengths, present seminars and lectures that are open to the public and teach or direct research by Bard undergraduates. Fellows are chosen on the basis of special achievement in the arts, sciences, literature, philosophy, history, or social studies. The following prominent scholars and artists currently serve as fellows:

Institute for Writing and Thinking

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Bard Fiction Prize

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Distinguished Scientist Lecture Series

The Distinguished Scientist Lecture Series originated in 1979 when Nobel laureate physicist Paul Dirac accepted an invitation from Bard professor Abe Gelbart and the Bard Center to deliver a lecture titled “The Discovery of Antimatter.” The talk presented a view of science rarely seen by the general public—as a record of personal achievement as well as a body of facts and theories. Expand for Distinguished Scientist Lecture Series Expand

Leon Levy Endowment Fund

The Leon Levy Endowment Fund was created in 1995 by the Bard College Board of Trustees, in recognition of more than a decade of transformative philanthropy by Leon Levy, founder of the Levy Economics Institute. Through grants in many areas, the fund supports Bard College’s academic excellence. Expand for Leon Levy Endowment Fund Expand

Cultural Programs: