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Step 1

Reserve Your Space Before you begin advertising your event, you should choose the best venue based on other events happening at the same time, availability of spaces, and the appropriateness of the space for the type of event you are planning. Be sure to clear your event’s location with Space Management before submitting it to the Campus Calendar / Daily Mail in step 2.

Step 2

Submit Your Event Use this form to submit an event or announcement to the Campus Calendar and Daily Mail. Events are intended for Bard calendars; announcements comprise noncalendar items like calls for submissions and requests for volunteers. Events and announcements automatically appear in the Daily Mail, so there is no need to submit your event/announcement twice.


Student Event Planning, Registration, and Publicity Services In one sitting, SPARC event planning interns will walk you through the entire event planning and registration process. This process takes about 20 minutes. Be sure to plan your event well in advance—at least two weeks before your event date, when possible.