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BGIA, Bard Network Students and Faculty Attend Conference on the Global Rise of Conservatism in Politics

Students, faculty, and staff from the Bard Globalization and International Affairs Program (BGIA) and the international Bard Network attended a conference, “Conservatism and Reaction in Contemporary Politics,” in New York City on February 11–12. Organized by the Andrew Gagarin Center for Civil Society and Human Rights of St. Petersburg State University, the Bard Center for Civic Engagement, and Harriman Institute at Columbia University, the conference addressed recent developments in global electoral politics and the rise of populism, or the “new right.” These newly popular politicians and parties (Trump, Putin, Front National, Basic Finns, Alternative for Germany) usually have a dominant, conservative ideology that argues for exclusive and identitarian nationalism, a higher role for family and church, authoritarian structures of power, and the need to defend against subversives—the rest is dependent on national tradition. The ideology’s evolution since the late 20th century, its main principles, and questions surrounding its appeal were at the core of the discussion.

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Post Date: 02-19-2019