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Denise Ackerman, Director of Financial Aid
Department(s): Financial Aid
Office: Physical Plant, 110 | E-mail: | Phone: 845-758-7526
Stacey Adams, Resources Coordinator
Department(s): Security
Office: Old Gym E-mail: | Phone: 845-758-7394
Department(s): Admission
E-mail: | Phone: 845-758-7472 | Website:
Adrian Agredo, Bard Early College Academy (BECA) Coordinator, BHSEC Manhattan and Queens
E-mail: | Phone: 212-995-8479 x2044
Joseph Ahern, Risk Manager
Office: Preston, 125 | E-mail: | Phone: 845-758-7178
Mal Ahern, Visiting Instructor in Film and Electronic Arts
E-mail: |
Peggy Ahwesh, Professor of Film and Electronic Arts
Office: Ottaway Film Center, 323 | E-mail: | Phone: 845-758-7253
Bradley Aikman, double bass

Linell Ajello, Faculty, Bard Prison Initiative
Department(s): Bard Prison Initiative
Phone: 845-758-6822
Mohammed Alam, Accounting / Budget Analyst
Department(s): Bard Graduate Center Finance and Administration

Carl Albach, trumpet
Department(s): Bard Conservatory of Music

Dorothy Albertini, Associate Director of Academic Advising
Department(s): Dean of Student Affairs
E-mail: |
Jules Albertini, Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Claudette Aldebot, Director of Access and Equity Programs
Department(s): Bard Educational Opportunity Programs (BEOP)
Office: Kappa House, 107 | E-mail: | Phone: 845-758-7605 | Website:
Kathryn Aldous, violin, orchestra
Department(s): Bard Conservatory of Music
Phone: 845-758-7587
Richard Aldous, Eugene Meyer Professor of British History and Literature
Office: Aspinwall, 210 | E-mail: | Phone: 845-758-7398
Vince Aletti, Master Class Instructor, ICP-Bard Program
Department(s): ICP-Bard Program in Advanced Photographic Studies
Phone: 845-758-6822
Coleen Murphy Alexander, Vice President for Administration
Department(s): Executive Vice President's Office
Office: Ludlow, 306 | E-mail: | Phone: 845-758-7431
Dawn Alexander, Web Applications Developer
Department(s): Information Technology Services
Office: Henderson Computer Resources Center, 201 F | E-mail: | Phone: 845-758-6822 x6818
Kimberly Alexander, Human Resources Director
Department(s): Human Resources
Office: Ludlow, Human Resources | E-mail: | Phone: 845-758-7516
Zakiyyah Alexander, Visiting Artist in Residence

Matthew Alfonso, Associate Men's Basketball Coach
Department(s): Athletics
Office: Stevenson Gymnasium E-mail: |
Denise Algiere, Staff Accountant
Department(s): Controller
Office: Physical Plant E-mail: | Phone: 845-758-7564
Janet Algiere, Assistant Director of Human Resources
Department(s): Human Resources
Office: Ludlow, Basement - Room 105 | E-mail: | Phone: 845-758-7268 | Website:
David Allen, Assistant Principal, BHSEC Queens
E-mail: | Phone: 718-361-3133 x8000
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