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Bard College Catalogue 2016-17

Bard College Catalogue 2016-17

Gender and Sexuality Studies


Robert Weston (coordinator), Susan Aberth, Daniel Berthold, Diana De G. Brown, Nicole Caso, Christian Crouch, Robert J. Culp, Deirdre d’Albertis, Michèle D. Dominy, Sarah Dunphy-Lelii, Elizabeth M. Holt, Cecile E. Kuznitz, Kristin Lane, Allison McKim, Emily McLaughlin, David Nelson, Natalie Prizel, S. Rebecca Thomas, Eric Trudel


The Gender and Sexuality Studies (GSS) concentration embraces the importance of gender as a fundamental category of analysis across disciplines. The concentration seeks to explore how gender and sexuality are intertwined with structures of power and inequality. It is committed to the study of issues specific to women and the LGBT community, with added emphasis on understanding disciplinary models of knowledge. GSS considers masculinity and femininity, sexuality, and transgender issues in relation to other analytical frameworks such as race, class, age, and sexual orientation.


GSS is a concentration, not a primary program of study. In consultation with GSS faculty and program advisers, students may declare a concentration in GSS at the time of their Moderation into their primary program or thereafter at a separate Moderation. Students must fulfill the Moderation requirements of both the primary program and the GSS concentration, which requires at least two courses cross-listed with GSS before Moderation. After Moderation students must take at least one advanced gender studies seminar or tutorial taught by GSS faculty. The Senior Project should focus on some issue related to gender and sexuality studies.


Course offerings are subject to change. Recent courses include Contemporary Queer Theory; Perspectives in LGBT Studies; Sociology of Gender; History of Sexuality; Feminist Philosophy; Woman as Cyborg; Women Artists of the Surrealist Movement; Gender and Social Inequalities in Latin America; Women and Economics; Women and Islam; Writing the Female Rebel; Music, Sexuality, and Gender; and Developments in Lesbian Fiction.