Bard College Catalogue

The Bard College Catalogue contains detailed descriptions of the College's undergraduate programs and courses, curriculum, admission and financial aid procedures, student activities and services, history, campus facilities, affiliated institutions including graduate programs, and faculty and administration.

Bard College Catalogue, 2018–19

Bard College Catalogue, 2018–19

Bard College Awards

Each year Bard College honors a number of distinguished men and women whose accomplishments exemplify the values and traditions that the College seeks to teach and preserve.

Mary McCarthy Award

Previous recipients of the award, which honors the combination of political and cultural commitment exemplified by this fearless writer, include Elizabeth Hardwick, Susan Sontag, Jane Kramer, Janet Malcolm, Frances FitzGerald, Nadine Gordimer, Shirley Hazzard, Annie Proulx, Joan Didion, Cynthia Ozick, Joyce Carol Oates, Zadie Smith, Margaret Atwood, Ann Beattie, Deborah Eisenberg, Mona Simpson, Sharon Olds, Alice McDermott, Jorie Graham, and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

2018 Recipient: Lorrie Moore

Charles Flint Kellogg Award in Arts and Letters

The Charles Flint Kellogg Award in Arts and Letters is given in recognition of a significant contribution to the American artistic or literary heritage. It is named in honor of Charles Flint Kellogg (1909–80), a Bard College alumnus and trustee who was an internationally respected historian and educator. Dr. Kellogg was instrumental in establishing the Arts and Letters Award, which, before his death, was given in the name of Alfred Jay Nock, the noted journalist and biographer who was also a Bard alumnus and faculty member.

Previous recipients include Mary Lee Settle, Isaac Bashevis Singer, E. L. Doctorow, Anthony Hecht ’44, John Ashbery, Susan Rothenberg, Stephen Sondheim, Elliott Carter, John Tyrrell, Henry Luce III, Sidney Geist ’35, Jonathan Tunick ’58, Rhoda Levine ’53, Mary Caponegro ’78, Arthur Aviles ’87, Joanna Haigood ’79, Rikki Ducornet ’64, Daniel Manus Pinkwater ’63, John P. Boylan ’67, Anne Bogart ’74, Sandra Sammataro Phillips ’67, Henry-Louis de La Grange, Gilbert Kaplan, Donald Mitchell, David Gates ’69, Rita McBride ’82, Jane Evelyn Atwood ’70, Christopher Guest ’70, Mimi Levitt, Chris Claremont ’72, Charles E. Pierce Jr., Elizabeth Prince ’83, Miriam Roskin Berger ’56, Nikolay E. Koposov, Billy Steinberg ’72, James D. Wolfensohn, Adam Yauch ’86, Carolee Schneemann ’59, Ashim Ahluwalia ’95, Amy Sillman MFA ’95, Deborah Borda, Charlotte Mandell ’90, Steven Sapp ’89 and Mildred Ruiz-Sapp ’92, and Nick Jones ’01.

2018 Recipient: Walead Beshty ’99

John and Samuel Bard Award in Medicine and Science

The John and Samuel Bard Award in Medicine and Science is named after two 18th-century physicians, father and son, whose descendant, John Bard, was the founder of Bard College. This award honors a scientist whose achievements demonstrate the breadth of concern and depth of commitment that characterized these pioneer physicians.

Previous recipients include Detlev Bronk, Robert Loeb, Lewis Thomas, John Hilton Knowles, Martin Cherkasky, Linus Pauling, Rosalyn Sussman Yalow, Carl Djerassi, Stephen Jay Gould, Mathilde Krim, Anne Botstein, MD, the late Charles Botstein, MD, Naomi Parver Alazraki ’62, Naomi Fox Rothfield ’50, John W. Boylan, Yale Nemerson ’53, Manon P. Charbonneau ’65, Karen Saxe ’82, Ann Ho ’62, George D. Rose ’63, Stewart I. Fefer ’73, Frank Oja, László Z. Bitó ’60, Richard M. Ransohoff ’68, Robert Levenson ’67, Sanford M. Simon, Amalia C. Kelly ’75, Albert R. Matlin ’77, Gabrielle H. Reem and Herbert J. Kayden, Joel H. Fields ’53, MD, Stephen A. Wertheimer ’59, A. James Hudspeth, Richard C. Friedman ’61, Fredric S. Maxik ’86, Nicholas T. Ktistakis ’83, Kathryn E. Stein ’66, Ilyas Washington ‘96, Erik Kiviat ’76, and Mariana Raykova ’06.

2018 Recipient: Rebecca Smith ’93 

John Dewey Award for Distinguished Public Service

The John Dewey Award for Distinguished Public Service was established in 1990 to recognize extraordinary contributions by Bard alumni/ae and others to the public sector or in the public interest. It continues Bard’s tradition of honoring public service, embodied in the Episcopal Layman Award, which was given until 1983. The Dewey Award is named to honor the eminent American philosopher and educator John Dewey, the father of progressive education and an outspoken advocate of a ­system of universal learning to support and advance this country’s democratic traditions.

Previous recipients include Brandon Grove Jr. ’50, Helene L. Kaplan, Jack A. Blum ’61, Arthur I. Blaustein ’57, James H. Ottaway Jr., Elisabeth A. Semel ’72, Barbara D. Finberg, Connie Bard Fowle ’80, Amy L. Comstock ’81, Robert J. MacAlister ’50, Earl Shorris, Kenneth S. Stern ’75, James N. Rosenau ’48, Jennifer H. Madans ’73, William T.  Dickens ’76, the Reverend Stephen J. Chinlund, Richard G. Frank ’74, Roy L. Herrmann ’76, David L. Miller, Elizabeth Royte ’81, Jeffrion L. Aubry, Manuel J. Rivera, Hannah “Kit” Kauders Ellenbogen ’52, Mary D. Janney, Marion Nestle, Raymond Peterson, Pia Carusone ’03, Stephen M. Saland, José A. Aponte ’73, Valery Mikhailovich Monakhov, Herb Sturz, Alexis Papahelas ’83, Sean Patrick Maloney, Harvey L. Sterns ’65, Catherine Gund, David Harman, and Betsaida de Alcantara ’05.

2018 Recipients: Mary T. Bassett, Cynthia Conti-Cook ’03

Bard Medal

The Bard Medal, the highest award given by the Bard–St. Stephen’s Alumni/ae Association, honors individuals whose efforts on behalf of Bard have significantly advanced the welfare of the College. The Bard Medal was the inspiration of Charles Flint Kellogg, who believed that Bard should establish an award recognizing outstanding service to the College.

Recipients have most often been Bard alumni/ae, trustees, or very close associates of the College, including Eva T. Belefant ’49, John H. Steinway ’39, David E. Schwab II ’52, William F. Rueger ’40, Mrs. Reamer Kline, Hart Perry, Dr. Abe Gelbart, Charles Patrick, Elizabeth Blodgett Hall, Mary Sugatt, the Reverend Frederick Q. Shafer ’37, Kate Wolff, Elizabeth and Heinz O. Bertelsmann, Asher B. Edelman ’61, Arnold Davis ’44, Elizabeth Ely ’65, Annys N. Baxter Wilson ’48, Charles P. Stevenson Jr., Susan Weber, S. William Senfeld ’62, Peter McCabe ’70, Cynthia Hirsch Levy ’65, Diana Hirsch Friedman ’68, Margaret Creal Shafer, Karen Olah ’65, Stuart Stritzler-Levine, Michael DeWitt ’65, Richard D. Griffiths, Richard B. Fisher, Felicitas S. Thorne, Stanley A. Reichel ’65, Ruth Schwartz Schwab ’52, Lorelle Marcus Phillips ’57, Robert C. Edmonds ’68, Emily H. Fisher, Richard F. Koch ’40, John and Wendy Neu, Roger Phillips ’53, Toni and Martin T. Sosnoff, Marieluise Hessel, Patricia Ross Weis ’52, Charles Simmons, and James H. Ottaway Jr. The Bard Medal has also been presented to individuals whose work has advanced the course of higher education, including Hamilton Fish Jr. and Warren Anderson. 

2018 Recipients: Eric Warren Goldman ’98, U Ba Win

Bardian Award

The Bardian Award honors longtime faculty members and staff. Its first recipient, in 1999, was William Driver, professor of theater. Recipients also include Peter Sourian, professor of English; Robert Rockman, professor of English and theater; William Weaver, professor of literature; Luis Garcia-Renart, professor of music; Adolfas Mekas, professor of film; Hilton M. Weiss, professor of chemistry; Elizabeth “Betty” Shea, founder of Central Services and a member of the Bard community for more than 50 years; Richard A. Gordon, professor of psychology; Mark Lambert ’62, Asher B. Edelman Professor  of Literature; Aileen Passloff, L. May Hawver and Wallace Benjamin Flint Professor of Dance; Jean M. French, Edith C. Blum Professor of Art History; JoAnne Akalaitis, Wallace Benjamin Flint and L. May Hawver Flint Professor of Drama; Burton Brody, professor of physics; Frederick Hammond, Irma Brandeis Professor of Romance Cultures and Music History; John B. Ferguson, professor of biology; William Griffith, professor of philosophy; associate librarian Jane Hryshko; Jane Terney Korn, director of the Abigail Lundquist Botstein Nursery School; Nancy S. Leonard, professor of English; William T. Maple, professor of biology; and Joan Retallack, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Professor of Humanities; Benjamin La Farge, professor of English; Mark Lytle, Lyford Paterson Edwards and Helen Gray Edwards Professor of Historical Studies; Martha J. Olson, dean of education initiatives, Bard College, and dean of administration, BHSEC; Justus Rosenberg, professor of languages and literature; Hap Tivey, artist in residence; Carolyn Dewald, professor of classical studies; Terence F. Dewsnap, professor of English; Gennady Shkliarevsky, professor of history; Peter D. Skiff, professor of physics; Mario J. A. Bick, professor of anthropology; Diana De G. Brown, professor of anthropology; Marsha Davis, director of the Student Health Service; Larry Fink, professor of photography; and Norman Manea, Francis Flournoy Professor in European Studies and Culture.

2018 Recipients: Mary Backlund, Jeffrey Katz