Bard College Student Handbook


Buildings & Grounds, Physical Plant 

phone: 7465

Keys for every residence hall room are secured at B&G. Only students who are financially cleared (as per the Bursar) are issued keys. Students receive the green copy of the key authorization form after signing it upon moving in. A key receipt is issued to the student upon checking out of their room, either at the end of the semester, year, or upon a room change. If a student changes rooms during the academic year, the key authorization form process begins anew. The buff hard copy and the top yellow copy of the key authorization form will stay on file at B&G. The completed room occupancy reports and all subsequent room changes will be forwarded to the Buildings and Grounds office for their records. Before the end of the school year you will receive check-out information and a key envelope in your campus mail box with your name, building and room on it; in this envelope you will return your keys. Upon leaving school because of a leave of absence, graduation, or at the end of the year, exiting students MUST turn their keys into B&G.

There is no initial charge for keys. For LOST keys, a $20.00 replacement fee will be charged per key. There is a charge of $20 for each UNRETURNED key at the end of the year, or upon the student leaving at any time during the semester. If the lock needs to be changed (at the discretion of the department) a charge of $60.00 will be applied to the student’s account.

You must show your Bard College photo ID when purchasing replacement residence hall keys. Keys issued due to a room change/swap will be issued only after receiving a notice from the Office of Residence Life & Housing. Requests for non-residence hall keys should be made directly to the Physical Plant, with proper authorization forms available on the B&G website: ( No letters will be accepted.