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Bard in the World

Bard College offers numerous opportunities to engage with students and faculty from all over the world, both on the main campus in Annandale and through exchanges with our global partners.

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Transformation and Inspiration

Mary McCarthy called Bard a "mad, exciting place." This student-created video offers a glimpse of the transformative, interdisciplinary experiences that students have at Bard.

Bard College Campus Tour

Join Bard College tour guides as they lead you around campus. More about campus tours

Arts at Bard

Bard offers the best of both worlds: a traditional liberal arts college with exceptional programs in the fine and performing arts. In small classes taught by notable faculty, students work closely with top professionals in their fields. Learn More

Residence Life

Residence life at Bard College is the heart of the campus community. With dormitories ranging in design, size, and social style, students find a home in Annandale.

Language & Thinking

The Language and Thinking Program is an intensive introduction to the liberal arts and sciences attended by all incoming Bard students for three weeks in August of their first year.

Math and Science at Bard College

The liberal arts education at Bard prepares students to excel in changing fields in the sciences and mathematics. Faculty work closely with small classes, giving students the opportunity to contribute to advanced research. Learn More

Moderation at Bard College

Sophomores at Bard College establish a major program and transition from the Lower College to the Upper College through a process called Moderation. In Moderation, students write papers identifying their academic progress and goals and submit a sample of work done in the program. Each student meets with a board of three faculty members who evaluate and advise the student as he or she moves forward into the Upper College. Learn More