The Dean of Studies Office is responsible for overseeing the College's academic advising system, and helps students access professors and professional staff members who are equipped to assist them with any curricular or co-curricular issues, concerns, or questions that might arise during the student's time as an undergraduate. 

Every student at Bard has an academic adviser who is a member of the College's faculty. Faculty advisers hold regular advisory conferences with their student advisees throughout the semester, provide guidance and assistance to students during the registration process, and counsel students on applications for internships, plans for post-graduation, and fellowship and scholarship opportunities.

In addition to the faculty academic adviser, each student also has a supplemental class adviser within the Dean of Studies Office.  Dorothy Albertini is the class adviser for the entering class of 2016; Jennifer Triplett is the class adviser for the entering class of 2015 and for transfer students who entered in 2016.  In partnership with the faculty adviser, the class adviser helps students navigate the academic life of the college.  Students can meet with David Shein, Jennifer Triplett, or Dorothy Albertini at any point during the semester to discuss any and all academic issues. 

For Students

  • Explanation of the advising system at Bard
  • Important dates for advising and registration
  • Resources for academic issues and academic planning

For Faculty Advisers

  • Explanation of your responsibilities as an adviser
  • An overview of the registration process
  • Tools to help students navigate their academic life at the College