Enrolling in Our Programs

Enrolling in Our Programs

Enrollment starts by submitting paper work to our Educational Director, Carol Murray.  Paper work can be submitted anytime after the birth of your child.  Due to the number of calls and emails we receive with questions about the program, we follow a consistent enrollment procedure. Children are not placed on enrollment lists or waitlist through phone call inquiries or email correspondence.  

Preschool for Bard Faculty & Staff

  • The preschool curriculum block (8:30-11:30) is offered as an employee benefit for Bard faculty and staff.  During the curriculum block (8:30-11:30) there is no tuition fee, thanks to the commitment of Bard College to support Early Education on campus.
  • The preschool employee benefit cannot be transferred to other settings and cannot be extended for children who are not age eligible. The benefit cannot be extended beyond the two year preschool experience.
  • The afternoon program which includes lunch, rest, play and projects is designed as an extended day service and is supported by tuition.  

Enrollment Requirements

  • Children must be three years old by December 1st to enroll in the first year of preschool.
  • Children must be enrolled a minimum of 3 days per week to participate in the program and must sign up for a consistent schedule (we do not provide drop in services).
  • Parents visit in the spring preceding their child’s entry. During this first visit parents tour the school with the Director, observe the program in action and ask questions.  Parents can complete registration paper work over the summer.
  • Orientation appointments and small group visits are scheduled before school starts to help children & families become acquainted with the teachers and new environment before the first day.
  • Families must have completed all registration paper work -family information form, medical form documenting child’s immunizations, lead and T.B. tests (if indicated) and physical exam prior to starting school (see forms).

Community Families

Thank you for your interest in our program. Unfortunately, we are not accepting community applications for fall 2020 or fall 2021 due to our limited capacity and reduced enrollment during the COVID-19 crisis.  We can only serve Bard employees at this time.

Eligibility and Enrollment Priority:
  1. Bard College employees 
  2. Students attending Bard College 
  3. Employees that serve or contract on campus but are not eligible for benefits (applications will be prioritized according to date received)
  4. Community members who have siblings that have attended the program previously (applications will be prioritized according to date)
  5. Community members  (applications will be prioritized according to date received)

Contact the Nursery School

The Abigail Lundquist Botstein Nursery School
Carol Murray, Director

Contact the Children's Center

The Bard Community Children’s Center
Kristine Williams, Director