The Bard College Mission

Bard College seeks to inspire curiosity, a love of learning, idealism, and a commitment to the link between higher education and civic participation. The undergraduate curriculum is designed to address central questions facing new generations, and reshapes traditional disciplines into multidisciplinary fields and programs. Students pursue a rigorous course of study reflecting varied traditions of scholarship, research, speculation, and artistic expression. They engage philosophies of human existence, theories of human behavior and society, the making of art, and the study of science, nature, and history. 

Bard’s approach to learning focuses on the individual and is structured around small group seminars to encourage thoughtful discourse. Faculty are active in their fields and stress the connection between life inside and outside of the classroom. They strive to foster critical inquiry, intellectual ambition, and creativity.

Bard acts at the intersection of education and civil society. Through its undergraduate college, its distinctive graduate programs, its commitment to the fine and performing arts, and its network of international dual-degree partnerships, early colleges, prison education initiatives, and public engagement programs, Bard offers unique opportunities for students and faculty to study, experience, and realize the principle that higher-education institutions can and should operate in the public interest.