Sarah Dunphy-Lelii

Associate Professor of Psychology

Primary Academic Program: Psychology

Academic Program Affiliation(s): Mind, Brain, and Behavior

Academic Expertise: Psychology

Area of Specialization: Developmental Psychology


B.A., Pennsylvania State University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Michigan. Contributes articles relating to cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, primate cognition, and autism to numerous academic journals. Has taught at University of Michigan. At Bard since 2007.


  • Research Interests: preschooler thinking; social cognition, perspective-taking; autobiographical memory; self-recognition
  • Teaching Interests: Developmental Psychology; Child Development; Preschooler Thinking; Comparative Cognition; Theory of Mind
  • Other Interests: autism; non-human primates (esp. apes)


Phone: 845-758-7621