Bard Faculty

Robert Weston

Continuing Associate Professor of Humanities; Coordinator, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Academic Program Affiliation(s): First-Year Seminar, Human Rights

Academic Expertise: Human Rights

Area of Specialization: 18th-century European literature and cultural history


  • Research Interests: Primary field: the European Enlightenment, popular enlightenment, and social reform; history of education. Secondary fields: Walter Benjamin ; the Frankfurt School; theories of gift and sacrifice; Foucault; discourse analysis
  • Teaching Interests: Enlightenment cultural history; 18th-century intellectual history; the history of education; the culture and politics of modernity; philosophical anthropology
  • Other Interests: Religious experience (Pietism, Quietism, Mysticism); Modernism, Expressionism, the historical avant garde, general economy/globalization/world systems; the consumer society; philosophical anthropology; queer theory; 18th-century literature; radical formalism; gender and sexuality studies; First-Year Seminar


Phone: 845-758-7325
Department: Library
Location: Charles P. Stevenson, Jr. Library
Office: 108