Bard Faculty

Joel Perlmann

Levy Institute Research Professor; Senior Scholar, Levy Economics Institute

Academic Program Affiliation(s): Historical Studies, Jewish Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Sociology


Research grants from NIMH, NEH, NSF, NIE, Spencer and Russell Sage Foundations, Princeton Institute for Advanced Study. Author of Ethnic Differences: Schooling and Social Structure among the Irish, Italians, Jews, and Blacks in an American City, 1880–1935 (winner of the Willard Waller Award, American Sociological Association); Woman’s Work?: American Schoolteachers, 1650–1920 (with Robert Margo); Italians Then, Mexicans Now: Immi­grant Origins and Second-Generation Progress, 1890–2000. Coeditor, Immigrants, Schooling, and Social Mobility: Does Culture Make a Difference? and The New Race Question: How the Census Counts Multiracial Individuals. Papers in numerous journals, including Journal of American History, William and Mary Quarterly, The Annals, Historical Methods, International Migration Review, The Public Interest. At Bard since 1994.


Phone: 845-758-7726
Department: Levy Economics Institute
Location: Blithewood
Office: 217