Bard 3+2 Engineering Programs

In affiliation with the schools of engineering at Columbia University and Dartmouth College,
Bard offers programs of study leading to a BA from Bard and a second degree in engineering (and certain other fields) from Columbia or Dartmouth. Three configurations are available In conjunction with Columbia: 3-2 BA/BS, 4-2 BA/BS and 4-2 BA/MS. Two configurations are available in conjunction with Dartmouth: 2-1-1-1 BA/BE and 3-2 BA/BE.

Petitioning to Apply

Students wishing to apply to the dual degree 3-2 BA/BS program with Columbia or the 3-2 and 2-1-1-1 BA/BE programs with Dartmouth must petition the Dean of Studies, David Shein, explaining their interest in the program along with supporting letters from their academic adviser and the pre-engineering adviser.  The form is available below.  Students should submit the petition after their first year at Bard but before they apply to Columbia or Dartmouth, ideally at or soon after moderation.  Approval of the petition requires:

Dartmouth's Program

In addition to meeting Bard's requirements during their three years at Bard, students must complete the set of foundational courses in science and mathematics prior to their first year at Dartmouth.  Admission to Dartmouth is competitive and not guaranteed.  While there is no minimum GPA requirement, students admitted to Dartmouth have had at least a B+ average in their science and mathematics courses.  Financial aid is not available to students in their first year at Dartmouth.

Columbia's Program

For the 3-2 and 4-2 BA/BS programs, students complete the set of foundational courses required by Columbia plus courses specific to their intended major at Columbia. These are detailed in Columbia's Pre-Combined Plan Curriculum Guides (see links below). Equivalences between Bard and Columbia courses are listed in the two tables below. For current students at Bard, admission to Columbia's BA/BS programs is guaranteed provided students fulfill all the requirements and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.3 overall and in the pre-engineering courses with no grade below a B in these courses.  For students entering Bard in 2019 or later, Columbia will move to a competitive admissions process where taking the equivalent courses and maintaining grade requirements will be recommended, but not required.

Columbia's Combined Plan: Foundation Courses

Columbia's Combined Plan: Field-Specific Courses

For More Information . . .

Interested students should contact Paul Cadden-Zimansky
pre-engineering adviser (contacts below),
for further information and planning early in their Bard career.

Office: Rose 113
Phone: 845-758-7584