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French Studies


Students in French Studies are expected to reach a high level of competence in the French language. The program emphasizes in-depth study of literature, history, philosophy and theory, art history, and cinema.

Areas of Study

The program allows students to choose one of three areas of specialization: French and francophone literature; civilization, culture, and history; and translation. For students beginning the study of French, an intensive program (one semester of study followed by four weeks in France) is offered every spring.


Prior to Moderation, students must take at least five courses (20 credits) that are accredited by the French Studies Program. Over four years, students must take 14 program-accredited courses (56 credits), including the 8-credit Senior Project. At least six of the 14 courses must be conducted entirely in French.

Recent Senior Projects in French Studies

  • Elle S’était Choisie: Agency, Authority, and (Self) Representation in the Philosophy and Literature of Simone de Beauvoir”
  • “In Transit: My Travels through the History and Literature of the Paris Metro”
  • “Ritual Surgery: The Debate Surrounding Female Genital Cutting and Tostan’s Impact in Senegal”