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Studio Arts


The Studio Arts Program is available to the student who wishes to major in the program and the student who wishes to experience the visual arts and apply that experience to other disciplines. Visits to museums and galleries in New York City are a requirement of many courses and seminars.


The student who wishes to moderate into the program and graduate with a degree in studio arts must complete the following course components: two art history courses (one to be completed by the time of Moderation; it is also recommended that one be based in contemporary, post-1945 art); three studio courses from among Drawing I, II, III; Painting I, II, III; Printmaking I, II, III; Sculpture I, II, III; and Cybergraphics I, II, III; and Art 405-406, Senior Seminar.

At the end of their fourth semester, students are asked to present a body of work to a group of three faculty members—determined by the program and including the student’s adviser—to assess the student’s work to date, clarify strengths and weaknesses, and discuss curricular and academic goals for the rest of the student’s Bard career. Moderated studio arts majors are eligible for the final workshop component of the Studio Arts Program, which consists of Level III studio classes in a variety of painting, drawing, sculpture, cybergraphics, and printmaking options. The content of each studio class and the degree of structure are up to the individual instructor. Admission is by portfolio.


The exhibition space in the Fisher Studio Arts Building permits an ambitious schedule of exhibitions, which are an integral component of the program. In addition to open student exhibitions, Senior Project shows, and Moderation exhibitions, student work on particular themes is presented at student-curated and faculty-curated shows. Bard’s Center for Curatorial Studies is another on-campus site for exhibitions of contemporary art. The Bard College Exhibition Center, located in the village of Red Hook, consists of two buildings, each with approximately 16,000 square feet of gallery, studio, and class space. The Center gives seniors the opportunity to present their Senior Projects in a professional space dedicated solely to the exhibition of student work.

Teaching Fellows

We are pleased to announce that five MFA students have been selected as our first 2014-15 Teaching Fellows:
  •     Kyle Zynda              
  •     Nicholas Chiarella               
  •     Alyse Ronayne               
  •     Charlie Smith