First-Year Experience in Berlin

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Faculty: John Esposito

John Esposito

Musician and composer John Esposito has been on the Bard faculty since 2001. A visiting assistant professor of music, he teaches piano, drums, ensembles, jazz theory, repertoire, and advanced composition technique. Esposito's life was infused with music from a young age; he grew up in a musical family, and first performed as a teenager playing harmonica in a blues band.
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Applying Options

Regular Admission

Candidates apply by January 1. Notification by end of March. Candidates who are placed on the wait list are invited to submit supplemental information. Those who are not offered admission are usually required to wait a full academic year before reapplying.

The Bard Entrance Examination

Examination available on June 2. Candidates apply by November 1. Notification by end of December.

Early Action

Highly qualified candidates who are certain that Bard is their top choice are encouraged to apply by November 1. Applicants will be notified by end of December. Please clearly indicate your intent to apply Early Action on the application.

Early Decision

Early Decision candidates for whom Bard is the top choice may opt to use the binding Early Decision process by November 1 for notification by end of December. Please also fill out the Early Decision Agreement from, which is available online via the Common Application website.

Immediate Decision Plan

The Immediate Decision Plan (IDP) accelerates the admission process during a daylong session on campus in which students participate in a seminar with Bard faculty and meet with an admission counselor. The admission committee mails decisions the following workday.

Bard Educational Opportunity Programs

Bard College offers substantial academic support services and scholarship/financial aid awards to select individuals with Opportunity Programs Scholarships. BEOP offers HEOP and BOP scholarships that provide support to students who have experienced educational and financial inequalities and who possess the desire, potential, and work ethic necessary to succeed in a liberal arts college environment. VIEW MORE >>

Homeschooled Students

Bard regularly receives applications from students who have been homeschooled for some or all of their education. Since their experiences and curriculum vary tremendously, our requirements for homeschooled applicants differ somewhat from our requirements from more traditional high school students. VIEW MORE >>

Bard Conservatory of Music

Conservatory applicants must apply both to Bard College and to the conservatory. Admission to the conservatory is highly selective. Conservatory application instructions are available online.

Early Admission

Candidates seeking admission before completing secondary school may be accepted if they have a strong high school record and the recommendation of a guidance counselor or principal. They must interview with an admission counselor and follow the regular application process. Please contact us for more information.

Advanced Standing

Advanced standing or college credit for College Board Advanced Placement courses will be given for the grade of 5. Students who wish to request credit or advanced standing must submit the appropriate record of their grade to the Office of the Registrar. VIEW MORE >>


NOTE: There are no longer any interview times available for first-year applicants.

Interviews are not required for admission but are available to applicants. All interviews are conducted by admission counselors either on campus* or via Skype and should be completed by the date listed for the chosen application plan. (Click here for interview deadlines––look at the last column in the "Dates and Deadlines" table.) Interviews must be scheduled at least seven days (one week) in advance. If you plan to take a campus tour the day of your interview, please schedule the interview after the tour. VIEW MORE >>

Applying Options: Notification and Response

Bard does not release admission decisions over the phone. The College notifies students via mail; international students also receive an e-mail. The Early Decision application plan is binding; accepted candidates have a month after receipt of decision to respond to an admission offer. All other application plans are nonbinding; accepted candidates have until the standard reply date of May 1 to respond to an admission offer.