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Student-Led Initiatives

Students in the Trustee Leader Scholar Program (TLS) propose, design, and implement civic engagement projects based on their own passionate interests. TLS projects are local, national, and international, and may be initiated at any point in the college career. The hallmark of TLS is student ownership of the work. Some projects grow into permanent, College-sponsored ventures, including La Voz, an award-winning, Spanish-language magazine; the Bard Prison Initiative; and the Early College in New Orleans.


Roger Berkowitz

Roger Berkowitz

Roger Berkowitz has been teaching political theory, legal thought, and human rights at Bard College since 2005. He is the academic director of the Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities at Bard College. Professor Berkowitz is an interdisciplinary scholar, teacher, and writer.
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Bard Launch

Bard Launch

Bard Launch is a microphilanthropy platform that supports Bard student-led initiatives. Bard Launch allows students to pursue positive change, both locally and globally, through crowdfunded projects.  Bard Launch projects raise funds, but more importantly, they build community around a common goal of improving lives and supporting the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of Bard students engaged in the world around them.

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About Student-Led Initiatives

The Trustee Leader Scholar Program, one of Bard's longest-running civic engagement programs, is the College’s undergraduate leadership development initiative. TLS serves as an outstanding model for student-inspired civic engagement, and is deeply rooted in the mission and outreach efforts of Bard College.

At the core of the TLS program is an unwavering belief in each student’s ability to take complete ownership of his or her own work. TLS provides opportunities for motivated students to develop their skills through the design and implementation of diverse projects. At any given time, TLS supports 25 to 30 student-led efforts through leadership workshops, guided reflections, program development, and administrative coordination. These student endeavors promote energetic involvement in campus life and cultivate Bard's relationships with local, national, and international communities.


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Bard Upbeats: Bringing the Joy of Music to Children

Student leader Lindsay Stanley introduces the Bard Upbeats, offering music instruction to local children.

Bard Leprosy Relief Project

Student leader Daniela Anderson's TLS project is inspired by the Kevin Rohan Eco-Village, founded by Krishna Gurung in Kathmandu, Nepal. 


A hallmark of Bard College and the TLS program is the willingness to take risks and make a difference under difficult circumstances. Over the years TLS students have built schools in Africa and homes in Nicaragua; run summer camps; led arts workshops in Myanmar; created widely read publications that affect a growing immigrant population; and promoted tolerance in local high schools. VIEW MORE >>

Student-Led Initiatives

  • Astor Home for Children Bard Volunteers
  • Astor Home for Children Theater Group
  • Bard Math Circle
  • Bard Prison Initiative Volunteers
  • Building Up Hudson
  • Community Expressive Arts Project
  • Debate in Schools
  • Germantown College Mentors
  • Germantown Tutoring Program
  • Grace Smith House
  • Hudson Basketball Clinic
  • Hudson Project: Students for Students
  • La Voz
  • Life, Learning, and Language: A Young Rhinebeck Youth Program
  • Merry Time Museum Project
  • Migrant Labor Project
  • New Orleans Project
  • Red Hook English as a Second Language Center
  • The Upbeats: Bard Music Mentoring Program
  • Wappingers Poetry Project
  • Young Naturalists Initiative